Airport Services: With high standards in comfort, discretion and time management – regardless of their airline or booking class, we would like to offer you a variety of services, all of which aim to make your stay at Vietnam Airports as pleasant, relaxing and efficient as possible.

If you are a frequent traveler or have an important guest to take care of, being able to relax at the same time as saving time at the airport is often appreciated. We ensure you have as comfortable a trip as possible.

Regardless whether you need to pass quickly through the airport, or if you just want to relax for a moment longer, there are services to suit you.

Traditionally you need to get a Vietnam visa in your passport from a local embassy before entering the country. However, it’s also possible to apply for a Vietnam visa via the service of ATE Vietnam and collect it at the airport on arrival in Vietnam (Hanoi airport, Ho Chi Minh city airport, Cam Ranh airport, Da Nang airport and Phu Quoc airport).

Provide your information to ATE Vietnam to process visa approval letter
(1) Scan of front page of your passport (your passport must be valid at least 6 months since arrival date and 2 blank pages for stamping visa)
(2) Entry date to Vietnam
(3) Flight & hotel booking to Vietnam may be requested for some passport holders.
(4) Visa duration: You can get 1 / 3 months visa but some passport holders can only get visa as of flight booking and not over 30 days of stay.



If you are new to the surroundings and worried about how to get visa on arrival when coming to Vietnam, we are ready to be with you at your first-step landing. Be less stress…..

Our staff at inside of passport/visa control counter to welcome you and collect your passport to stamp the visa within a few minutes (All your information already filled on the form in advance) instead of waiting at the Immigration counter yourself.


Vietnam visa on arrival

Vietnam visa on arrival

Your time is precious. That is why, ATE Vietnam provide this kind of service to help you avoiding to get line and wait for the endless lines at the landing visa Counter.

The Fast-Track service is served at three International Airports in Vietnam for the passengers of all flights (Tan Son Nhat in Ho Chi Minh City, Noi Bai in Ha Noi city and Da Nang airport in Da Nang city).

When arriving in Vietnam Airport, our staff will meet you at the aircraft door and assist you in complete the entry procedure with a stamped passport in some minutes.


It is a package which makes your journey as effective and comfortable as possible. When you arrive / depart at the airport, VIP services take care of your check-in / monitor your flight departure. You are then escorted as quickly as possible through a separate security control and on to your car / to the boarding gate for your departure flight. Only the hand baggage check-in is included to guarantee as effective a service as possible.
– Arrival / departure made easy
– An escort through customs control, security check, in priority line
– Guests are accompanied to the arranged departure point


Vietnamairlines lounge

Vietnam airlines lounge

ATE Vietnam offers exclusive VIP passenger service for corporate heads, celebrities and others who want to enjoy their trips comfortably. Whether you’re arriving or departing, via charter or commercial flights, our VIP Service offers utmost personal care in a pleasant atmosphere, as well as outstanding flexibility, security and time savings. Luxury limousines will take care all your transfers then handler will do all formalities while you are having a pleasure time at VIP lounge.

Remark: Please note that VIP lounge at all Vietnam airport is mainly reserved for Government delegation’s use according to regulation. The use of VIP lounge by Executives, CEO, Managers, etc. is secondary to Government delegation’s use. Therefore, during the period of service, IF there’s a group of Government delegation using the VIP lounge, the VIP lounge may be closed temporarily for security purpose. In such case, ATE Vietnam’s staff will discuss with Client to take another best alternative.

Should you need further assistance or need more Frequently Asked Questions, Vietnam visa, visa online, visa on arrival, feel free to contact us by email at: / or call our hotline (+84) 912 655 361. We are always at your service. Have a great trip to Vietnam!